Monday One Night Cup #1

Event Details

Game:ShootMania Storm
Event Type:Team 3 vs 3
Status: Finished
Total Sign-ups: 37 / 64
Start Time & Date: Mon 19:00 BST 17/06/13
Event Rules:ShootMania Storm Rules
Additional Event Rules/Info:
Quarter-Finals and onwards will all be Best of 3.

ParagonTV [English]
CrusadersTV [French]
3DMAX [French]

Any other streamers wanting to cast this cup should contact an admin.

Reperio is not required for this cup, but will be enabled sometime in the future.

Due to the late release of the new map pack, we will be using the old map pack until next cup
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Format:Cup - Single Elimination
Seeding Method:Elo
Sign-Up Method:First Come First Serve
Map Pool:Rust,Spitfire,IronFist,Paladin 2k13,Malevolence,Jilted,Golden Rush,Gouge,Starfish
Map Selection Method:Veto
Minimum Players Per Team:3
Rosters Lockable:No
Maximum Rounds Per Game:99
All Rounds Must Be Played:No
Reschedules Allowed:No
Region Exclusivity:EU

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Event - Monday One Night Cup #1


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